Patio: your outdoor living room.

Professional Patio Installations

Patios have become something more than just a place to stick your lawn chair-- today, the residential patio is almost the equivalent of adding another room to your house. They come with not only furniture and flooring, but kitchens, and fireplaces, dining tables, even outdoor television sets. One Call Land Care is experienced at creating out door living rooms that fit your desires and your budget. We can discuss all the important elements that go into a patio, from surface materials to any additional amenities that are must have for your patio to be complete.

We can design and build patio rooms that are affordable today and can be expanded later, when the budget allows. Having a plan for your outdoor living space is crucial, no matter what your budget. Better to build a patio with quality materials that will fit your budget and that you can add on to, than doing it on the cheap and then having to re-do it again and again.

Patio construction detail

Landscape planning

We will be happy to talk with you about your current patio project and how that project might work with a larger plan in the future. Call us for an initial consultation.

Let us worry about your patio's details and construction.