Landscape Mulching in Central Ohio is an important look that people expect and expect it do be done well.

Mulching Installations

One Call Land Care provides quality mulch solutions that will beautify and protect your landscape. We offer a wide variety of natural mulch products that will be sure to help define your landscape.

Our mulching equipment is designed to bring the mulch to your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. No Bags. No Mess. Our equipment can spread mulch at an amazing rate without wheelbarrows or crew members carrying bags.

Call us today for a free estimate on your mulching project.

Mulch Truck

School Playground Mulching

We can quickly bring your school playground up to Ohio code requirements.

Commercial Mulching

No commercial landscape is complete without professionally installed mulch. We have the resources to complete any size project from mulch installation to paver patios.

Residential Mulching

No matter what terrain your residential landscape has, our advanced spreading equipment can handle the mulch quickly and efficiently. Call us today for a free estimate and to schedule your mulch installation.

Mulch not only gives your landscape a finished look, it also provides valuable protection against mower damage, soil temperature fluctuations, and moisture control.