Hardscaping helps define and expand outdoor spaces.

Landscaping Hardscapes

One Call Land Care offers a variety of options for hardscape elements that will compliment your landscape design. Whether you're planning to add a patio,or decorative walls, One Call Land Care is just a phone call away. Our professional land care crew is committed to quality workmanship.

  • Walkways

  • Patios

  • Fire Pits

  • Garden Steps

  • Sidewalks and Steps

  • Retaining Walls

  • Water Features



Patios provide an immediate place to gather for friends and family. Our attention to detail and scale will insure that your patio fits your goals at an affordable price.


Getting from here to there should be more than just the shortest path between two points. Walkways connect the diverse areas of your landscape in such a way that the effort to get from here to there is more than half the enjoyment. While many overlook what's under our feet, if it a walkway isn't done correctly, then every time you take a stroll will be a constant reminder that your pathway could have been better. We offer safe and comfortable walkways that will make it a joy to spend time lingering. Call us to for more information about building a beautiful and functional walkway.

Water Feature

Water Features

What better way to add beauty, elegance and the natural sound of gently moving water in your landscape than a correctly installed water feature? Our water features are designed to be relaxing, clean and restful. We offer a variety ways of having a water feature that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Talk to one of our designers for more information.

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